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Holly Miller’s Letter of Gratitude

Holly Miller is a NewView MOVE program graduate! She enrolled in February of 2023, and after months of intense assistive technology training, Ms. Miller graduated in June and is on her way to re-entering the workforce. She is one of many adults who have lost or are losing their vision and have turned to NewView to learn skills to enter or re-enter the workforce or return to school.

Holly never let vision loss stop her, and NewView is honored to have been able to support her pursuit of empowerment and independence. See her letter to NewView and video testimony below!

Dear NewView,

Thank you so much for enabling me to attend and complete such an extremely valuable, stabilizing, and necessary training program.  The computer skills that I have learned have changed my life both professionally and socially. 

Steven is a very patient, committed, and thorough instructor who made learning the material possible for me.  Also, getting to experiencing a totally blind person navigate his world with such courage, determination, grace, and humor provided excellent modeling for me.  Liz was awesome.  She was a tough cookie that pushed me out of my comfort zone in a way that helped me feel strong, yet always with kindness, support, and compassion.  There could not be a better mobility teacher.  KP was a pleasure and joy to work with.  The Seeing AI she taught me is amazing.  Leigh was the perfect teacher for art and chi gong.  Her calming, gentle and supporting nature was like a cozy harbor in the often choppy sea of learning.  Bundy was so sweet, kind and encouraging to work with.  Casey, who I’ve officially re-named “Jewels” after Julie, the cruise director on the 1970’s tv show, The Love Boat….anyway, Jewels is always looking after everyone’s comfort.  He’s gifted at making sure everyone  is comfortable and well fed and feels included.   He devised a learning game that was inclusive, fun, and effective.  He has a certain generosity of spirit that is very endearing.

Every person that I encountered in the organization at  New View has made a positive a contribution towards my life’s path. 

Thank you Terry so much for your caring, listening and your responsiveness.  The work that you and your team are doing serves to enlarge and fortify the lives of the people you serve. 

You rock!!!

Warmest regards,

Holly Miller (AKA Miss Holly)

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