Life At NewView Oklahoma

This Is The Story Of Us

Respect for the individual person is the foundation where empowerment begins. You cannot empower, who you do not respect. We honor the unique strengths everyone brings to our organization, and we cultivate those strengths until they are maximized, multiplied, and celebrated for each individual.

Driven to achieve excellence in every area of NewView, our employees never give up until the business goal is achieved. With an attitude that “nothing is impossible” our employee’s tenacious spirit breaks barriers, quenches myths and pioneers’ pathways for new business and for new employees to come.

With limitless ingenuity and a deep commitment to entrepreneurship, our employees embrace NewView business as their own business, ensuring NewView’s meteoric success while crushing the status quo in and throughout our organization.

At NewView, we believe it is not enough to be empathetic to another person’s challenge. We believe empathy must be and is a catalyst for action. Our caring for another person’s plight must involve a clear and immediate action to help, while always maintaining a level of sensitivity to what we may not know or understand about that person. Our desire to improve another person’s quality of life without judgment must always be at our core.

Our mission is not to be memorized; it is to be lived.

Our employees look for ways every day to empower those around them. Our mission is the very reason we are NewView, and it is the only reason we are employees. Through generous giving of our finances, skills and abilities, volunteerism and committed participation in company sponsored events and programs, NewView has redefined and set the standard for innovation, accommodation, and an inclusive, purposeful work environment for the people we serve and employ.

Our Values

Core values are the fundamental beliefs of a person or organization, the basic elements of how we go about our work, and the guiding principles that dictate behavior.

At NewView, we value the commitment to empower the patients we serve, the people we employee, and the communities we touch.

We are driven by excellence and seek to break barriers, exceed goals, and achieve limitless ingenuity.

We believe that compassion is key in giving hope, respecting, and honoring all, and celebrating successes.

We strive to create leaders who inspire creativity, growth, development, and service to others.