It’s Not What You Can See, IT’S What You Can Be.

It’s Not What You Can See, IT’S What You Can Be.

NewView Oklahoma

Empowering Individuals Who Are Blind or Have Low Vision

Since 1949, NewView Oklahoma has empowered individuals who are blind or have low vision, maximizing their opportunities for independence through all stages of life. We accomplish this in three primary ways:

  • Comprehensive Clinic and Low Vision Services
  • Meaningful Employment Opportunities
  • Engaging Community Programs

Clinic and Low Vision Services

NewView is the only organization in the state of Oklahoma that provides comprehensive vision services to Oklahomans who are blind or have low vision, including occupational therapy and orientation & mobility training.

Manufacturing, Kitting, and Distribution

We manage collaborations with state, federal, non-profit, and corporate partners and can participate in various aspects of any organization’s supply chain. Our list of products includes a variety of kitted and assembled products built on-site using items procured from various sources and acting as a preferred distributor for a variety of brands.

Digital Accessibility Services

We honor diversity and believe that all citizens—abled and disabled—should be empowered and celebrated. We want to help your business or agency do what is right and increase their market share by better serving citizens with varying disabilities through accessible digital experiences.

Workforce Development

NewView not only provides employment, but we also ensure that all of our employees who are blind or have low vision develop skills that will help them excel in their careers. We do this through our MOVE program (More Opportunities through Vocational Education) and other opportunities for professional development and upward movement.


At NewView we are in the business of creating jobs and meeting workforce needs through a variety of contracted services. Through contract services, NewView will hire and develop employees to fill a variety of outsourced roles to meet the evolving needs of our outside partners.