NewView's manufacturing employees gather together to celebrate the opening of the accessible garden and walking path

Newview Unveils New Walking Path and Accessible garden

NewView Oklahoma celebrated a significant milestone on May 22, 2023, with the ribbon cutting ceremony for their new walking path and accessible garden. This transformative project was made possible through a generous $495,000 grant awarded by the Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust of Oklahoma (TSET) in November 2022.

The TSET grant will fund a holistic wellness initiative aimed at improving health outcomes for NewView’s clients and employees. The initiative encompasses various elements, including the creation of an accessible outdoor wellness space, tailored physical activity programs for blind youth and adults, and dedicated wellness programs for blind employees.

“TSET is proud to support NewView Oklahoma in their mission to serve blind and visually impaired individuals. Having a safe and accessible place for physical activity is vital to good health and coupling that space with wellness programs will have a tremendous impact on the health of NewView Oklahoma employees and clients.”

Thomas larson, director of public information and outreach at tset

Situated at NewView’s manufacturing plant in downtown Oklahoma City, the walking path and accessible garden provide a safe and inclusive environment for employees, clients, and community members experiencing low vision. This new space encourages physical activity, fostering a sense of well-being and promoting healthier lifestyles among individuals with vision loss.

Lauren Branch, President and CEO of NewView Oklahoma, expressed gratitude to TSET for their invaluable support: “We are grateful to TSET for funding this initiative for our clients and employees. The walking path just opened, and already our employees are taking advantage of the safe and accessible space to get outside and move.”

This timely initiative addresses a pressing issue concerning the health disparities faced by individuals with vision loss. Research conducted by The Ohio State University, in collaboration with VisionServe Alliance, reveals that individuals living with vision loss are more prone to stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. By implementing this health and wellness program, NewView Oklahoma aims to make a substantial impact on the overall well-being of its clients and employees.

Damon Swift, COO of NewView Oklahoma, emphasized the organization’s vision for the new outdoor area: “We want this to be a place of community, wellness, and learning. A place where people can come together to grow healthy foods and get movement in safely.”

We want this to be a place of community, wellness, and learning. A place where people can come together to grow healthy foods and get movement in safely.

Damon swift, coo at newview oklahoma

NewView Oklahoma is thrilled to provide this valuable resource to the community, fostering a culture of inclusivity and empowering individuals with vision loss to lead healthier lives. The walking path and accessible garden represent a significant step forward in NewView’s commitment to holistic wellness