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Low Vision Clinic

Services to Support Our Blind and Low Vision Neighbors

A severe vision loss diagnosis can be terrifying. Every day, our clinic staff meet with parents, spouses, caregivers, and clients who have received life-altering news and are feeling lost, nervous, and unsure. Whether it is a pediatric patient who was just diagnosed with a visual condition like nystagmus or retinitis pigmentosa, an adult who had a stroke or a brain injury and lost a significant amount of vision, or a senior patient who has been diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration, it can feel like your world has just been flipped upside down.

From the time our clinic opened its doors in 2005, we have served as a beacon of hope for our clients and their loved ones. Our core mission is to help each client live an empowered and independent life despite their vision loss or blindness.

NewView Oklahoma’s low vision clinics in Tulsa and Oklahoma City are the only clinics in the state that provide comprehensive care, from exams to occupational therapy and beyond. Our clinical team is made up of experts who can answer every question, from “How can I keep cooking?” to “How can I support my loved one through their diagnosis?”

Vision loss is different from many medical diagnoses because you can’t just live with it. Clients who are blind or have low vision must change the way they do everyday things. Because of this, our clinic team does their best work in-home. We dedicate time to adapting clients’ homes to their vision, teaching them to navigate their homes safely.

The occupational therapy and orientation & mobility process begin with the basics: food, shelter, and safety. It is essential that our clients are safe and confident in their own homes. From there, they move into deeper human needs like building connections through our support groups, contributing to the world around them through employment, and being part of the NewView family.

“It’s everything to a mom. When you don’t know where to turn and you have someone walk in with answers, it brings so much comfort and hope.”

Judy Ivy, mom of NewView clients and employees, Mark and Kyle Ivy

Our Services:

Low-vision Optometry Examinations

Our specialized low-vision optometry examinations go above and beyond what most people think of when imagining a vision exam. Our doctors specialize in evaluating functional vision by determining what patients can see through a variety of tests, then modifying variables like light or contrast to determine what aids they may benefit from in rehabilitation services. Low-vision examinations are particularly vital for those managing degenerative eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy or glaucoma. Keeping a close eye on progression of those conditions is key for receiving appropriate rehabilitation intervention as needed.

Orientation and Mobility Training

Orientation and mobility is the backbone of all clinic and rehabilitation services. After an initial assessment of existing mobility skills, we provide the necessary training and adaptive equipment needed to travel safely and efficiently in all environments, including public transit, public spaces, sidewalks, and more. All O&M services are self-paced, flexible, and individualized.

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Occupational therapy

Occupational Therapy is a building block that works in tandem with Orientation and Mobility training. OT focuses on Activities of Daily Living. This form of therapy often takes place in the patient’s home and can include implementing adaptive lighting, high contrast features, tactile cues, and helping patients to safely navigate their homes, allowing for independent living and aging in place.

Assistive Technology Training

Assistive Technology training brings all of what we do into the 21st century. Clients learn to use a variety of devices and software programs, including cell phones and computers. All assistive technology training is tailored to each client’s initial aptitude, goals, and intent for using their device.

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MOVE Program

The MOVE program, or More Opportunities through Occupational Evaluation, is available through a partnership with the Department of Rehabilitative Services. The MOVE program is intended to provide the training and experience needed for students who are blind or have low vision to join the workforce. From call center operations to IT and social work, the curriculum is tailored to each student’s needs and interests.

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Community Groups

NewView clients become family. For as long as they live, NewView will be there every step of the way. Our community groups exist as a way to connect clients, their families, and their caregivers to a network of community resources for people who are blind in Oklahoma.

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Youth Low Vision Camps

For our young adult clients, it can be easy for them to focus on the things they cannot do. From driving a car to participating in sports, a lot of big life things are inaccessible to kids who are blind. Our low vision camps exist as a way to show our pediatric clients everything they are capable of. From boating and water skiing to rock climbing and grocery shopping, our camps have it all!

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Physician Referrals

Referring clients to NewView is easy. NewView steps in when your patient’s vision cannot be corrected with surgery, contacts, or glasses. Our services are comprehensive and we teach our clients how to live with low vision. We pick up where your services end, providing occupational therapy and orientation, and mobility to clients whose vision loss has a major impact on their daily lives.

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