MOVE Program

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Program Goals

NewView strives to provide Oklahomans who are blind or low vision with an opportunity to develop skills that will enable them to live independently in the community and to gain the skills necessary to pursue employment opportunities.

We empower blind and low vision adults to participate in the community through outings and technology training, while also helping them to be safe, care for themselves, and overcome anxiety.

The MOVE program is for individuals 18 and older, that have graduated high school and are focused on developing skills centered around basic communication, career readiness, and life readiness. MOVE students may have experienced sudden loss of their vision due to stroke, head injury, or other physical trauma, or they might have a degenerative eye condition such as glaucoma or retinitis pigmentosa that has caused them to slowly lose their vision.

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Skill Building:

Basic Communication and Adult Education

Braille: NewView Oklahoma provides an introductory course aimed and increasing the program participants ability to read and write braille. The program also offers examples and recommendations for incorporating Braille into daily life.

Computer Education

Assistive Technology: Program participants will receive an Assistive Technology (AT) Skills Assessment to evaluate current computer skills as well as determining what types of assistive technology the student will need throughout the program.  Students will then begin their AT Curriculum, which includes daily lesson planes designed to help them to become more proficient with technology.  Training includes iOS/Android, Windows Accessibility, Fusion (JAWS and Zoomtext), NVDA, Office 365 products and web browsing.

Keyboarding: Clients will use a program called Talking Typer, in conjunction with their assistive technology software. This training is designed to help program participants to better understand the keyboard layout, assist in proper keystroke techniques for typing, and to navigate their computer.

Life Skills

Low Vision Aids and Print Reading: If magnifiers are appropriate, we sit down with the student and determine which magnifier is best when reading for leisure or work. Students learn techniques to improve reading speed and comprehension.

Orientation and Mobility: O&M is the backbone of all clinic and rehabilitation services. After an initial assessment of existing skills, we provide the necessary training and adaptive equipment needed to travel safely and efficiently in various environments. All O&M services are self-paced, flexible, and individualized. The training explores cane skills, indoor travel, street crossing, route travel in residential areas and businesses, and public transit.

Activities of Daily Living: Our Activities of Daily Living (ADL) course works to offer students an opportunity to learn and enhance the skills that are needed to become more independent.  This includes self-care, cooking, medication management, money management and more.