Lauren Branch, NewView President and CEO, presenting an award to Kevin for his service to the blind community.

“I believe in the mission at NewView.”

NewView Oklahoma is proud to have Assistive Technology Instructor Kevin Athey on the team. He is an expert in assistive technology and has made a career of empowering others with low or no vision to regain independence, confidence, and skills to improve their lives.

Kevin knows the technology inside and out and just how impactful and empowering access to technology can be, because he is blind himself. He utilizes assistive technology to access the world around him.

Who better to explain that impact than Kevin himself? Read his letter below:

Dear NewView Donors, 

I am currently working with MOVE students on gaining skills using technology.  The technology varies from individual to individual, but the goal is the same; gaining the skills and confidence they need to live the life they want.  I work with students on Windows computers, iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and tablets, just to name a few of the areas of study students go through in our program. During the first few class sessions, I evaluate each student and arrange their curriculum, based on what eye condition they have, what variables cause eye strain or pain, or the difficulty they have viewing data on the screen.  The types of assistive technology we introduce are based on these evaluations.  After these evaluations, we begin teaching the student how to use the assistive technology that best suits their needs. We will work together to log into the computer, learn how to use screen magnification or screen readers, to use word processors, email systems, file management systems, spreadsheet programs, internet navigation, and working with their cell phones.  Each student I work with gains valuable technology skills from the program.  Some of the students I have taught in the MOVE program have gone on to go back to school, while others go on to pursue employement.  Each student comes into the program with their own goals and we work together to meet them.  It feels great when students gain the skills to send emails to friends and family members, produce documents, or browse the internet for information.

I believe in the mission at NewView because NewView gives opportunities to individuals with low or no vision.  NewView empowers those same individuals to improve their lives so that they can contribute to their communities, places of employment, and their families.  It truly ‘…Is Not What You Can See; Its What You Can Be’. 

– Kevin Athey

I train individuals to use different tools to accomplish their goals.  Once they learn how to use these tools, they can bring the information into their lives so they can tackle any challenge they may face as they continue their journey through life.  I know the tools and techniques I have learned as a visually impaired person, have assisted me in my life.  Especially since I share these same tools and techniques with each MOVE student that is enrolled in our program.  I see it makes a difference in the students’ lives, and know the difference it has made in my own. 

I know NewView cares about the next generation of individuals living with low vision and are touching the lives of so many with this training.  

Best regards, 

Kevin Athey, Assistive Technology Instructor

The MOVE program is funded in part by donors. If you feel compelled to give, you can do so via the button below. All donations will go to providing clinical and rehabilitative services to Oklahomans living with low or no vision. Thank you.

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