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Our READable team is passionate about improving digital accessibility and usability across the nation. We envision a world where everyone can participate and engage in online experiences, both at home and in the workplace, with ease. We are devoted to helping businesses, web developers, marketing firms, and government agencies alike to provide equal and equitable access to their products and services in a welcoming, accessible, and useable digital space. We honor diversity and believe that all citizens should be empowered and celebrated. We want to help your business or agency improve your brand, extend your reach, reduce the threat of litigation, and do what is right by better serving citizens with varying disabilities through accessible digital experiences.

Website Accessibility

A recent analysis of one million website home pages revealed 97.4% of the tested home pages showed detectable Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG) failures those failures included things like missing alternative text for images and empty links (Institute for Disability Research, Policy, and Practice at Utah State University). Together, we can do better. There are three disability categories that should be considered when testing for accessibility: mobility disabilities, sensory disabilities, and cognitive disabilities. Understanding if your website is accessible requires both automated and manual testing.

An impressive effort is unfolding across the United States to better promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in both the workplace and our communities. These initiatives are bringing about incredible change, but there is a vital component missing from many of these efforts: accessibility. Accessibility, both digital and physical, matters. And the risks associated with ignoring accessibility are growing every day.

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Testing for Digital Accessibility

Our testing goes beyond visual accessibility. Our team tests for ease of use for all disability types including mobility, sensory and cognitive disabilities. We consider the difficulty of utilizing various controls and the use of logical short sentences and descriptions that would allow for someone with a traumatic brain injury to successfully engage in the intended user experience. We are the only accessibility partner that we know of based in the state of Oklahoma that engages in both automated and manual testing.

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