Accessibility Services and Capabilities


If the goal of accessibility is creating opportunities for everyone, then we should include our neighbors with disabilities in the process.

Our READable team has more than 90 years of combined experience with assistive technologies across numerous platforms and operating systems. Our team also has access to a large variety of assistive technologies to utilize in testing because we use digital communications every day to navigate the world around us. Every member of the READable team is disabled, providing a unique perspective for identifying, evaluating, and remediating websites, web content, and information and communication technology (ICT). NewView’s mission and services make us uniquely qualified to engage in accessibility at a deeper level. We all have a responsibility to ensure accessibility for everyone, and that responsibility goes beyond risk mitigation and checking a box indicating WCAG requirements have been met.

Digital Communications Accessibility Audit

Using both automated and manual testing tools, our team identifies, analyzes, diagnoses, and consults with development teams to ensure your organization is meeting current federal and state guidelines for web and document accessibility. This report is actionable, detailed, easy to understand, and identifies all website and digital document accessibility and usability deficiencies.

Automated Scanning

Our team of experts can run automated scanning using a suite of web-based tools enabling in-house technical resources. Our team of experts evaluate your digital assets to simplify website remediation.

Manual Testing

Our team also engages in manual testing using a variety of assistive technology devices and applications. This testing focuses on UI, or the user experience. This testing takes accessibility beyond meeting bare minimum standards and confirms the usability of the digital experience.

PDF Evaluation and Remediation

It is much easier to build an accessible PDF document than it is to correct an inaccessible document, but our team can do both. We can help to identify existing PDFs and assess their WCAG 2.1 Compliance.

Website Remediation

It is easier to build a website with accessibility at the forefront of design and development than it is to correct accessibility issues post development, but our team can support with both approaches. Guiding web development teams in providing the most accessible experience possible, our team can support testing during the design process, make recommendations for tagging, titles and content hierarchy, and support the development process through useability testing that considers a myriad of digital elements.


We can train your team to find, fix, and prevent recurring digital communications problems. Our team can provide on-site or virtual training to your marketing and web development team to support them in the ongoing creation of accessible content.

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