• Functional vision evaluation
  • Orientation and mobility evaluations and services
  • IEP development and support with goals and services
  • 504 Plan development
  • Assistance with ordering tools and resources for the student and the school
  • Teacher training: accommodations and assistive technology
  • Braille literacy and assistive technology training for students
  • Assist with making classroom materials accessible
  • Consult and collaborates with teachers and parents
  • Provide instructional support for teachers and students a variety of subject areas
  • Provide instruction in Expanded Core Curriculum such as daily living skills and community-based instruction

A Teacher of the Visually Impaired, or a TVI, is an educator who specializes in assessing the needs of a student who has low or no vision. TVIs work to develop a plan to help students thrive in the classroom, and then walk alongside the student, their teacher, and their parent or guardian to ensure the plan is implemented and followed.

The average high school graduation rate of students who are blind or have low vision is  only 63%. Without intervention, students who have limited vision quickly fall behind. TVIs are essential for supporting blind and low vision students, helping them find success.