READable works closely to understand each organization's unique needs, illuminating a clear path towards complete accessibility and compliance. 

Services include:

  • Accessibility

  • User Experience

  • Quality Assurance

  • WCAG/ADA Compliance

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Initial Training

  • Consultancy


Want to stay accessible? Consult with us or train your staff to specifically address the current accessibility issues in existing content, and then learn how to create documents that are accessible by design. Our comprehensive training and consultation programs can help ensure you will not only be brought up to speed, but you'll have the tools to stay on top of accessibility going forward. 


  • Building Accessible Microsoft Office Documents

  • PDF Remediation

A team of accessibility experts will use the results of scans and testing to identify the highest priority issues for your organization and customize training programs for your organization's needs. Our programs range from The Basics of Section 508 and the ADA to Preventative Care: Building Accessible Documents from Scratch, and almost anything in between. Because we also provide CommonLook PDF remediation and CommonLook MS Office Suite licenses, we provide a broad range of user training. 


Ongoing Consulting


Upon achieving full accessibility and compliance, our team of experts will train your team on best practices to implement accessibility into your development process to ensure ongoing compliance and accessibility by design. 



Achieving Accessibility:

Your Digital Accessibility Roadmap


Comprehensive testing and auditing of websites and all digital content


Identification of all areas and types of remediation will determine project scope and timeline


Our team of experts will work to prioritize remediation efforts and develop a unique roadmap that emphasizes functionality in the most critical areas first


Access to modern tools with expert guidance is provided to ensure your team has the information and resources needed to roll our a successful and efficient remediation effort


A final comprehensive report to include high-level summaries and detailed results to ensure completion of a successful project with full attainment of Section 508 and WCAG Compliance