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NewView x Defense Logistics Agency: 20-year Case Study

NewView Oklahoma has been a proud direct contractor and supplier of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) for decades through the AbilityOne Program. NewView first began supplying Abandoned Ship and General Purpose rations for DLA in 2003, and has been a sole supplier ever since.  

We celebrated 20 years of providing rations in 2023, and the work we did to prepare to take on this rations kitting contract is something we are proud of. NewView’s kitting department is one of our oldest operations, but we had never prepared to kit food items, especially not those that needed to be guarded from the elements and contaminants of all kinds. 

Problem Solving 

NewView has provided rations at a fair market price as required and supported by the Department of Defense’s AbilityOne pledge. By providing these items through AbilityOne, the Defense Logistics Agency has not had to solicit for these items or deal with the burden of protests. This simplifies procurement and speeds up receipt of goods for DLA, while providing stable and reliable employment for NewView employees. 

Meeting the required criteria to be able to safely package rations was no small feat. The Defense Logistics Agency required that NewView establish a Food Defense Plan in our manufacturing facility. The purpose of our Food Defense Plan (FDP) is to provide specific instructions to ensure that the food products we package are protected from incidental or intentional contamination or tampering. In addition to our FDP, NewView’s facility is an FDA-registered food packaging establishment, meaning we follow all regulations and guidelines set in place by the FDA pertaining to food safety, storage, and packaging.  

Our FDP is stringent and requires our employees to uphold an incredibly detailed level of cleanliness, control, and problem solving. These are competencies that can be applied to any project we take on. 

NewView is also an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. ISO 9001:2015 is a globally recognized standard for quality management systems. The process of becoming ISO certified is an ongoing one, requiring regular upkeep, a high standard of production, routine checks, and more. NewView has maintained these standards for 22 years, exemplifying our reliability and dedication to high-quality work. 

Agile Solutions 

NewView has been a supplier of mission-critical goods that sustain our warfighters during periods of conflict for decades. NewView has consistently provided high quality rations that meet sanitary requirements and are in compliance with the Food Defense Plan, ensuring the rations are safe to use when they are needed most. 


Whether the need is high or low, NewView has delivered all orders on time and at a fair market value for decades. The reliability we are able to provide to the DLA and our other customers through the AbilityOne program is unmatched. Our highest years of delivery quantity are as follows: 

2008: 150k rations delivered 

2011: 130k rations delivered 

2013: 125k rations delivered 

2018: 114k rations delivered 

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