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Hygiene Kit Heroes – NewView makes an impact in North Carolina

LCI provides products and services for the federal government through the AbilityOne program, a federally mandated program that supports employment for people who are blind. LCI manufactures over 400 products on the federal procurement list, creating value for the federal government and careers for individuals often left out of the job market. LCI also participates in the North Carolina State Use Program.

NewView is also proud to be an AbilityOne agency and a provider on the Oklahoma State Use Program. The AbilityOne Program leverages the purchasing power of the federal government to procure products and services from participating community-based nonprofit agencies across the nation, like NewView and LCI. These agencies are dedicated to training and employing individuals with disabilities, with NewView and LCI working to train and employ individuals who have low or no vision.


In 2023, LCI received a massive quick-turn order for a huge volume of hygiene kits to be delivered to the North Carolina Department of Education. This order was more than LCI could handle alone, and they risked losing the order altogether. LCI reached out to NewView and other AbilityOne agencies for help. They needed support in:

  • Procuring raw materials, included accessing large lines of credit and a new network of suppliers
  • Receiving and managing inventory for a multi-component kit
  • Assembling and packaging raw materials into finished hygiene kits

Packaging and Distributing Kits with Agile Solutions

In response, NewView extended our lines of credit with raw material suppliers and expedited dozens of pallets of hygiene items to build the kits needed by LCI. The NewView team quickly implemented processes to receive and manage a massive influx of inventory and created a seamless process for kitting raw materials into a final packaged good.

The order was substantial and required an incredibly quick turnaround. To meet the need, it became an all-hands-on-deck initiative. Every team member at NewView, including administrative staff and senior leadership, pitched in to help meet the demand. It required a concerted effort across all areas of the company to deliver.

The Result

NewView delivered 420,000 hygiene kits to LCI to support their end customer’s needs. All orders were received on time, with only 3 months’ notice to receive material, produce the kits, and deliver across the country.

  • 3 minutes to assemble a kit x 420,000 kits = 1,260,000 minutes or 21,000 man hours in less than 90 days.
  • 100% order fulfillment

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