Free Low Vision Services for Oklahoma Seniors

Free Low vision services for seniors

This service is essential to many older adults. 63% of adults in long-term care facilities like nursing homes are affected by vision loss, and vision loss is associated with feelings of isolation and depression, balance problems, falls and injury, and increased risk of early death. Regular exams are essential in providing solutions to your loved ones to help them remain as independent as possible for as long as possible. 

Their services include a helpline for emergency assistance, which exists to provide help in a crisis like cooling in the summer, blankets, and coats in the winter, items not covered by Medicare or other insurance like glasses, dentures, or hearing aids. Areawide Aging Agency also offers caregiver support, workshops, counseling, assistance, and resources for grandparents raising grandchildren. Caregiver support also includes quarterly respite vouchers for full-time, live-in caregivers of senior adults. Their vouchers can be used to hire an individual or service of your choice. 

Services also include transportation, legal services, nutrition programs, and health and wellness. They provide essential services and assistance to a vulnerable population in the Oklahoma City area. NewView is excited to work with them!

Do you qualify?

It’s easy to check if you might qualify for these services. You may qualify for free services, regardless of insurance coverage, if you or the older adult you care for fit into these categories:

  • 60 years or older
  • And you live in one of the following counties:
    • Canadian
    • Cleveland
    • Logan
    • Oklahoma 

That’s it!

What’s included?

  • Transportation to and from the OKC Low Vision Clinic
  • Low vision examination and evaluation from a specialty ophthalmologist in Oklahoma City
  • Provision of an individual rehabilitation plan
  • Assessment of the client’s home to determine safety and modifications
  • Up to four hours of in-home training for daily living, mobility, and technology skills
  • Provision of magnifiers, canes, lamps, and other devices as needed

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