Living life independently

Living life independently

In 2015, Bud Shepherd underwent surgery for a kidney removal and suffered an ischemic stroke, losing a significant amount of his eyesight. After living a very full life, Bud was suddenly faced with giving up many things that he liked to do, including driving, reading, spending time on his computer, and taking care of his cows and horses.

In February 2017, Bud was referred to NewView Oklahoma by his ophthalmologist, something he says was “life-changing.” He was seen by one of our doctors for a low vision eye exam, which helped him get yoked prism glasses, giving him some increased peripheral vision and assisting with his balance. He was also given a low vision occupational therapy (OT) evaluation and low vision OT treatments.

NewView occupational therapist Anita Miller went into Bud’s home and marked many of the things that he uses daily, including the microwave and his computer keyboard. She also marked steps in his home with high-contrasting tape to make his transitions safer. In addition, she taught Bud medication safety so he could manage his own medication on a daily basis.

Today Bud has the proper magnification and can read again when he isn’t listening to books on tape. He can also use his iPhone more efficiently and get the most of the functions it offers. Bud will soon be receiving orientation and mobility training, giving him even more independence in and around the home.

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