About Us

NewView has clinics in Tulsa and in Oklahoma City.  Last year, more than 800 patients received direct rehabilitation services with our licensed therapists and certified instructors and nearly 4,300 patients are registered through our clinics and programs.  

Areas of Rehabilitation:

  • Low Vision Optometrists provide functional low vision assessments and recommendations for optical devices. 

  • Occupational Therapists provide rehabilitation accommodations and teach patients to properly use optical devices for maximum vision and efficiency.

  • Computer Assistive Technology Instructors provide training for computer and technology devices to aid in reading and other daily living activities.

  • Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialists provide guidance in mobility for patients dealing with vision loss.

Who to Refer

  • Patients with 20/50 or worse visual acuity and/or severe reading or daily functional impairments. 

  • Patients with visual field loss such as central scotoma (i.e. from macular degeneration or macular hole), generalized contraction or constriction (i.e. glaucoma), hemianopsia or quadranopsia (i.e. stroke/injury)


How to Refer

  • Fill out the New Patient Low Vision Referral form with a copy of the last comprehensive eye exam and visual field (if available) and fax it to our clinic.  

  • Fax: (405) 286-9828.

  • Give the patient one of our brochures.

  • We will call the patient and set up the appointment and be in communication with you regarding their treatment plan.

Why Refer

  • Vision loss is an extremely frustrating problem and patients may feel that they have lost the ability to do the things they enjoy.

  • Patients can regain various levels of independence through the use of specialized devices and instruction on how to properly use them. Patients also will be trained how to modify appliances, lighting, and more in their home to facilitate a better quality of life.

  • Glasses may not be enough to maximize the remaining vision.

  • Medicare and other third party insurances pay for a portion of these services. We never turn anyone away based on ability to pay.

  • All patients will be sent back to you for any and all medical eye care treatment and follow-up.




NewView will send back to your office spectacle and optical prescriptions to your level of comfort or we will send off the prescription to an outside lab. The choice is yours.