Community Programs

Our Programs

Our programs are designed to enable blind and visually impaired Oklahomans of all ages. From art classes to camps and support groups, NewView Oklahoma is proud to serve our community.

Creative Visions
Art classes, including drawing, acrylics, and photography, open to any adult with vision loss and led by professional artists. 

Keys to Work
Transition program for high school students and young adults providing job-readiness and independent living skills to prepare for college or careers. 

OWL Camps (Oklahomans Without Limits) 

Oklahoma’s only camp for youths who are blind and visually impaired. Kids come from across the state for a free week filled with activities. 

Community Groups
Groups for the blind and visually impaired in Oklahoma provide a forum for sharing your experience, ideas, exchange of feelings and swapping of practical information among group members and their families or friends.

  • VITAL- This group gives social support to vision-impaired servicemen, women and their families. 

  • EYES JUST TALKING-  This is a peer-run activities support group in OKC for visually impaired and blind individuals and their families. 

These programs are made possible in part by grants and because of generous donors like you. Give online to support these programs.