OWL Campers Enjoy Summer Fun

O.W.L. campers enjoy summer fun

NewView Oklahoma believes that every child deserves to have a summer camp experience. OWL Camp, or Oklahomans Without Limits, was created in 2000 and has grown to two weeks of camp each summer for children ages 8 to 18.

Camp activities include bowling, movies, museum trips, and more. A favorite camp activity is the adaptive water sports, including water skiing, wake boarding and tubing.

“We build our activities on reaching our limits through trying new things and showing off those activities we are best at,” said Cathy Holden, senior vice president of rehabilitation and clinical operations at NewView Oklahoma.

Each blind or visually impaired camper is partnered with a sighted buddy. Campers can do all the same things the sighted youth do with very little adaptation.

“The kids have such a great time being together and getting to do activities they thought they might never do because of their vision impairment,” Holden said. “For many, this camp is a time to forget about their limitations and explore a world built around their abilities.”

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