NewView’s comprehensive Low Vision Clinic in Oklahoma City offers assessments, routine care and low vision solutions and devices to people with impaired vision that cannot be corrected with glasses, surgery or medication.


Services provided at the clinic include:

Occupational Therapy




Our occupational therapy service is designed to assist clients in maximizing their remaining vision by providing training specific to daily needs and activities. Our low vision occupational therapists can identify the best techniques and equipment to improve a client’s level of independence.


Community Outreach Programs

NewView Oklahoma offers dozens of outreach and enrichment programs to anyone with vision loss, regardless of age. These special programs include summer camps, support groups, art and dance classes, and so much more.


Travel Training 

Our orientation and mobility (O&M) training gives clients the skills to move safely and confidently around the home, neighborhood, and workplace.


Daily Living Skills Training

NewView’s Occupational therapists and our Certified Rehabilitation Therapist provide training in basic daily living skills such as reading, writing, meal preparation and medication management.


Computer Assisted Technology

Today's technology is opening up new opportunities for blind and visually impaired individuals of all ability levels. Our specialized programs utilize computer technologies to make surfing the internet, sending and receiving emails, or acquiring skills for work accessible to all.

Braille Instruction

Our vision rehabilitation services include expert Braille instruction in reading and creating a variety of communications for education, lifestyle management, business, and entertainment. We are also able to help businesses and communities adapt their public spaces to be more accessible for the blind and visually impaired.


OKC Low Vision Clinic

710 W. Wilshire, Ste 102
Oklahoma City, OK, 73116

Oklahoma City Staff

Vision Rehabilitation Optometrist

Byron Bonner, O.D.

Orientation and Mobility Specialist, Certified Teacher for the Visually Impaired

Andrea Hamen, MED, MS, COMS, CTVI

Vision Rehab Specialist

Anita M. Miller, COTA/L

Vision Rehab Specialist

Kathy Plummer, COTA/L

Assistive Technology Instructor

Bundy Porterfield

Low Vision Specialist

Cassie Cooper-Rodkey, OT/L

Licensed Occupational Therapist, Speciality Certificate in Low Vision

Marlene Snow, OTR/L, SCLV

Physician Outreach Coordinator

Pam Wright