Areawide Council Meeting for Areawide Aging Grant

Jun 14, 2022

4301 N Classen

Advisory Council Meeting for Areawide Aging Grant
12 Noon
Tuesday, June 14, 2022
Location – In-person NewView, 4301 N. Classen, OKC, OK 73118-5031


1. Welcome and Call to Order

2. Introductions, and Share-One-Piece-of-Good-News

3. New Business

             a. Grant Update

              b. Marketing and Promotion Update

              c. Partnerships and Outreach Update

              d. Client donation Update


4. Opportunities to Explore as time allows, and as patient recruitment is needed:

• OKC Senior Wellness Centers – M. Dover, NVO advocate.

• NE OKC Quadrant Outreach – G. Young, NVO advocate. Churches, etc.

• Lynn Institute: Steve Petty contact.

• Perry Tech – Patients and Physician Outreach

• City-County Health Campus

• Radio Program shared by G. Young

• MAPS Senior Centers – S. Orsi idea

• Meals on Wheels – Chris Lambert is the “area” director. L. Hopper idea

• Possibly reach out to Councilwoman Nikki Nice regarding church outreach Ward 7

• Pam Tennins at Alliance for the Uninsured – 16 clinics

• Crossings clinic

• Henderson Hills Mission of Jesus in Edmond

• Ideas taken in SFrey rough notes 05-24-2021 need refining: 1) Free pediatrician clinic, 2) Ace Family of

Companies, 3) David Howell, 4) Christ Community Health Coalition (CCHC), 5) Hill Top Clinic happens once

a month 6) Reid Hebert, MD, 405-250-1127 adult clinic for uninsured, 7) Butterfield

5. Next meeting date: Tuesday, September 13, 2022 @ noon

6. Adjourn

Meeting location: IN-PERSON Board Room, NewView OKC Clinic

4301 N. Classen, Oklahoma City, 73118